Stretch, strength and control

Pilates is a wonderful way to exercise your body and mind. Even with only one lesson a week you can quickly get in better shape: increased flexibility, stronger muscles and a clear mind. Joseph Pilates developed more than 500 exercises and special equipment to become more agile as quickly as possible and to maintain his vitality.

The varied lessons are taught by Irene Visser, owner of En Forma Pilates Studio. En Forma is the Spanish term for being in shape, healthy and fit.

Group lessons are kept small, and individual lessons can also be arranged. This allows for a lot of personal attention to participants’ posture and movement – as all bodies are different!

Pilates provides challenges for athletes and dancers as well as for people who never participate in sports. Pilates is also used to prevent injuries and for revalidation processes. Over-extended muscles get relief, while weak muscles become strengthened. The diverse exercises get the whole body moving constantly and in a natural way.

Irene’s classes combine precision training and fun. Participants notice the differences quickly: a better posture, better toned bodies and greater agility; relief from back, shoulder and neck problems; stronger abdominal and pelvic muscles; and better circulation and general fitness. Pilates lifts the spirit, and increases vital energy and freedom of movement.

Irene Visser welcomes you to try out a class. Call 06-12122578 or email her at info@enformapilates.nl   Most classes take place in Wageningen.